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Elvis: Remixed

Posted in music by adeli on August 10, 2010

When the compilation Elvis 30 #1 Hits was released in 2002, it included one “new” song, the JXL remix of “A Little Less Conversation.” It was a hit, even with the kids who perhaps had heard of Elvis, but didn’t know any of his songs.

One year later, realizing that one collection of Elvis hits wasn’t enough, 2nd to None was released, and included the Paul Oekenfold remixed “Rubberneckin’,” an attempt to re-create the excitement of JXL’s fantastic remix from the previous year. It was so-so.

After that, everyone jumped on the Elvis remix bandwagon, with remixes of King Creole, Too Much and several others. There’s one that I actually like…(Marie’s the Name) of His Latest Flame.

Check it out below.

Elvis Performances

Posted in music by adeli on August 14, 2008

Below, links to some Elvis performances: gospel, movie music, and more:

You Gave Me A Mountain

How Great Thou Art

Gospel Medley

That’s All Right (in studio, 1970)

Rubberneckin’ (from Change of Habit)

Baby I Don’t Care

A Little Less Conversation (from Live A Little, Love A Little)

King Creole