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My Love Does It Good

Posted in music by adeli on May 30, 2008

On this day in 1973, Paul McCartney’s My Love hit Number 1 on the Billboard chart. It was the first Number 1 hit with his group Wings, and a love song written for his wife Linda. I love the lyrics: “Only my love holds the other key to me.”

Let’s watch Paul McCartney and Wings perform it here.

And here are other Paul classics:

Goodnight Tonight

Let ‘Em In

With A Little Luck

Silly Love Songs

Coming Up

Joe Cocker: Hymn For My Soul CD Review

Posted in music by adeli on May 28, 2008

Joe Cocker’s Hymn For My Soul is truly an inspired event. He has recruited the best musicians, and chosen to cover songs from varied artists and genres, all offering hope for our world’s current state.

Hymn For My Soul starts things off on a funky note with Cocker’s rendition of Stevie Wonder’s classic, trumpet-and-sax-filled, You Haven’t Done Nothin’. George Harrison’s Beware of Darkness and CCR’s Long As I Can See The Light get covered here quite nicely. Bob Dylan’s Ring Them Bells and The Beatles’ Come Together, the final track, are definite highlights. Another standout song on Hymn For My Soul is River’s Invitation, the Percy Mayfield-penned song that has been covered by Southside Johnny and Aretha Franklin, among others.

Hymn For My Soul isn’t solely made up of classics though. Two selections that shine on this record are the recent songs One Word (Peace) by The Subdudes and the title track Hymn 4 My Soul by blues artist Andy Fairweather Low.

Joe Cocker’s unmistakable voice brings new life to these songs. Hymn For My Soul is edgy, soulful, and funky – a real winner.

Click on the links below to watch some of Joe Cocker’s performances and videos.

Hymn 4 My Soul.

Joe’s legendary Woodstock performance of With A Little Help From My Friends

Unchain My Heart

Summer in the City

Many Rivers To Cross

Halfway, Pleased CD Review

Posted in music by adeli on May 27, 2008

As an avid Tears For Fears fan, I was pleased to hear that Curt Smith had another solo album in the works. As a matter a fact, Smith had been working on his new album Halfway, Pleased, when it was put on hold for 2004’s Tears For Fears reunion album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending and its accompanying tour. Smith gave us the memorable vocals on Tears’ Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Mad World, Pale Shelter, Change, and Advice For The Young At Heart. And on this new album, Curt shows off that stellar voice once again, along with his songwriting skills.

Smith’s lush voice is unmistakable, and it especially shines on Seven of Sundays, Halfway Pleased, and Snow Hill. Other standout songs include Coming Out, Aeroplane, Cover Us, and Perfect Day. Smith does a new version of Who You Are, a song from Tears’ last album. Also, acoustic versions of Seven of Sundays and Coming Out, a live version of Snow Hill, and a French duet version of Seven Sundays with an artist named SO are included here.

Halfway, Pleased is an outstanding display of styles. This isn’t like a Tears For Fears album, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Halfway, Pleased is a quiet album, perfect for reflection and relaxation.

Seven of Sundays


Calling Out

Wham! Bam!

Posted in music by adeli on May 22, 2008

On this day in 1985, Wham! held the Number 1 spot with the hit Everything She Wants.

Let’s take a look at other hits from the darling duo.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

Careless Whisper (Live)

I’m Your Man

Edge Of Heaven

Wham! Rap

Happy Birthday, Cher!

Posted in music by adeli on May 20, 2008

Since it’s Cher’s 62nd birthday, let’s celebrate her style, versatility, and talent. She’s won an Academy Award, a Grammy, an Emmy, three Golden Globe Awards and then some. Her career has spanned four decades; she’s appeared on the big and small screens; and she’s scored with hit records during each of those decades.

Let’s take a look at Cher’s long and varied career. Click on the links below to see Cher (and her outfits) through the years.

With Sonny:

I Got You Babe

A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done

The Beat Goes On


Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Dark Lady
Half Breed
Take Me Home
A Song For The Lonely
If I Could Turn Back Time (Almighty Edit)
One By One (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Agua Del Pozo Review

Posted in music by adeli on May 6, 2008

Good music transcends culture and language. One such album that does this is Alex Cuba’s sophomore album Agua Del Pozo (Water From The Well). It’s in Spanish, but you need not speak the language to feel and enjoy the music. And if you really want to know what he’s saying, English translations are included with the lyrics.

For those who still think Cuban music means loud rumbas or Buena Vista Social Club, then Alex Cuba has got a surprise for you. His 2006 debut Humo de Tabaco (Tobacco Smoke) won a Juno Award (Canadian Grammy) for Best World Music album. His lyrics and voice are as flavorful as a mojito or a sugarcane-sweet tropical drink on the beach. The native Cuban, who resides in Canada, Alexis Puentes (Cuba’s given name) plays a vintage Gibson guitar, along other instruments, and looks like Sly Stone with the afro and bell-bottoms, adding a new flair to Cuban music.

Agua Del Pozo is a collection of slow grooves, upbeat danceable songs, and lots of soul. Alex Cuba combines Latin American and Caribbean rhythms with Cuban jazz, and adds some funk and pop to the mix, creating a unique listening experience.

The album starts off slow with Amor Infinito (Infinite Love), De Camino (On The Way), Lamento (Lament), and Si Pero No (Yes, But No). The fifth song, the title track kicks off the party. It’s is a dance song with the most enticing lyrics. The chorus translates to: Move your hips, move your waist, spice it up, give it some flavor. The singer begs his girl to do all these things while she retrieves water from the well. Other upbeat songs are Y Que Bongo (What A Bongo), Tu Boca Lo Quita (Your Mouth Takes It Away), and Penita en la Cara (Blushing). While having the English translations are helpful for English speakers, this listener – A Cuban American – felt they didn’t do the lyrics much justice. The Spanish language is so poetic and flavorful, that one English word’s real translation is often a whole phrase or description, or a saying.

Alex Cuba’s Agua Del Pozo could fit into several genres, making it enjoyable to all music lovers. This album will go from being good to being great, and soon becoming a favorite of the listener’s. No Spanish required, only an appreciation for sweet and soulful sounds.

Tu Boca Lo Quita


Lo Mismo Que Yo