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Ringo Starr: Y Not

Posted in music by adeli on March 5, 2010

Ringo Starr’s new album Y Not is rock and roll at its best. The former Beatle took the helm on this album. As producer, along with Bruce Sugar, Ringo has created perhaps the most personal album of his solo career. This new album is a wonderful way for Ringo to begin his sixth decade in music.

Ringo’s All-Star bands have always been composed of talented musicians. This time is no different, but he’s added guest vocals and instrumentalists, including the only other living Beatle Paul McCartney, which make this album quite special.

Ringo leads a smaller group of friends, including Dave Stewart, Steve Dudas, and the great riffer Joe Walsh on guitar, Michael Bradford on bass, the multi-talented Don Was on bass and upright bass, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ Benmont Tench on keyboards. Guests include Ben Harper, Richard Marx, and Joss Stone on vocals, and Ann Marie Calhoun on violin and Tina Sugandh on tabla and chanting. Paul McCartney adds his bass to the inspiring “Peace Dream” and his unmistakable vocals to the wonderful “Walk With You.” Ben Harper does background vocals on the first and both of these tunes are definitely album highlights.

Ringo starts things off with “Fill In The Blanks,” on which he plays both drum and piano and Joe Walsh does background vocals, guitar, and bass. Ringo’s vocals on “The Other Side Of Liverpool” and “Mystery Of The Night,” co-written by Richard Marx, are full of panache. Marx provides background vocals to his composition. “Time” also has a terrific sound that features Ringo singing and playing keyboards along with drums. Benmont Tench’s piano and Ann Marie Calhoun’s violin add a lot of substance to this song. The funky and soulful Josh Stone duets with Ringo on “Who’s Your Daddy.” And it’s a rollicking closer to this energy-filled album.

Y Not proves that Ringo Starr is still performing at the top of his game. And that’s great for the former Beatle, who was often overshadowed by you-know-who and you-know-who. Y Not is a real winner!

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