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Josh Zuckerman: Got Love? Review

Posted in music by adeli on October 4, 2009

The third solo album from Josh Zuckerman Got Love? features 12 original songs and addresses the themes of love, personal freedom, and embracing differences. In this collection, Zuckerman mixes rock, country, and electronic, along with other genres.

The opener To Be Today starts with a carnival music rhythm, and sends the same message as Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” did: You can be an example to others by implementing changes in yourself first. The title track is hard-rocking and attempts to deliver the messages of not judging, not labeling, and accepting everyone’s differences. The song is catchy and the lyrics are strong but Zuckerman spits them out too quickly, so the message might not sink in. But still, it’s a strong first single for the album.

Let Love In is also a catchy song with a nice harmony. Our Wedding Song is a country music-tinged love anthem about a couple that has overcome obstacles and has made it through. Mother I is a tribute to Zuckerman’s mother, in which he thanks her for her love and support. It’s a good song but songs for mothers generally are a lot gentler. This ode to mom is just too rough for its tender purpose.

When We Dance and My Inspiration belong in the dance and electronic genres respectively, while Small Percentile has a heavy reggae influence. This final song has a positive tone with witty lyrics.

Got Love? is a good rock album with meaningful and positive lyrics. My concern is that it may be too much rock for the purpose of preaching, as Zuckerman seems to be doing. The music may overshadow the important messages Josh Zuckeman is trying to send out. But I hope it doesn’t.

Listen and watch for yourself:

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