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Was (Not Was) Says Boo!

Posted in music by adeli on April 29, 2008

Was (Not Was) has released a new album, finally. After more than sixteen years, the funky Was Brothers are back with Boo!. Both brothers have been using their talents elsewhere: Don was producing Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones albums, and David was working on film scores. But now, the Detroit duo is back with Sweet Pea Atkinson and Sir Harry Bowens making some groovy, soulful sounds on Boo!.

The funkiest songs on Boo! are the opener “Semi-interesting Week,” “Your Luck Won’t Last,” “Big Bad Hole”, “Crazy Water” — a highlight for Sweet Pea’s vocals — and “Mr. Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (co-written by Bob Dylan).

The techno, outer space-sounding “Needletooth” doesn’t work here, at least not for this listener. “Forget Everything” is a bit strange too, but works a little better.

But it’s not all high-spirited songs on this album. There are some nice slow grooves too. “It’s a Miracle” and “From the Head to the Heart” are great additions to this funky reunion party. Kris Kristofferson, with his gravely serious voice, makes an interesting appearance singing “Green Pills in the Dresser,” the final track.

There’s a fine group of soul masters helping Was (Not Was) on this new set. James Gadson on drums, Marcus Miller on bass, and the renowned Booker T on Hammond join in to make Boo! a great return for Was (Not Was).

Welcome back, boys! Your fans do ask that you don’t keep us waiting another decade before we hear from you again.

If you need a refresher on Was (Not Was) click below:

Spy In The House Of Love

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Hello Operator

Can’t Turn You Loose


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  1. anc282 said, on June 20, 2008 at 2:30 am

    That was a good review…. except I love “Forget everything”….it’s funkier than a sack o’grandaddies. Each to their own though. 😀

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