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The Police

Posted in music by adeli on December 28, 2007

Best Reunion Tour:

The Police, hands down!

Van Halen, Genesis, and The Eagles were among the bands who reunited and went on the road this year. But, The Police were the clear winners.

The Police rocked and ruled the concert box office in 2007 harder than the rest. People excitedly paid a lot of moola to see the trio, making it the top-selling, top-grossing ($243 Million!) concert tour of the year. The Police hadn’t played together in more than two decades, and even though they didn’t play nice when they were together, Sting, Andy and Stewart proved they can still rock the stadiums and arenas as they did in the 80s.

Happy Birthday, Sting!

Posted in music by adeli on October 2, 2007

Sting has been one of my favorite musicians since his days with The Police, although I become more of a fan of his solo material. Plus, he’s so good-looking… I saw him (barely, because of obstructed view seating) during The Police’s Synchronicity tour, and fell in love with his voice and became somewhat obsessed with him. Although I was not a fan of his orange hair stage, I still loved him from his Every Breath You Take video. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic is one of my favorite songs to this day. I bought all Police albums on vinyl, and played them continuously. I welcomed his first solo effort, Dream of the Blue Turtles, with great excitement. His second album, Nothing Like The Sun is one of my favoite albums of all time. In 1985, I attended my first of five or six of his concerts, the last in 1999. The reason that was the last – I had first row center (less than 10 feet away) and thought that would be a good way to say adios to my obsession. Since then, I’ve discovered some gems (in English and Italian) which he’s contributed to soundtracks and other artists’ albums. Among them, the standards, Someone to Watch Over Me, My One and Only Love, and The Windmills of My Mind. He has a way of incorporating exotic musical forms with intelligent lyrics, along with finding excellent musicians to play on his albums and collaborate with.

Happy 56th Birthday, Sting! You don’t look a day over 49.

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