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Tam Lin

Posted in music by adeli on October 7, 2009

I recently met Paul Weinfield through a friend. Musically, he is Tam Lin, a New York City-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist who blends folk, rock, and soul music. His lyrics are philosophical, literary, and poetic, a nice escape from cheesy and pedestrian lyrics that pass for music these days. He is also a great live performer. I recently saw him play at The Bitter End in New York City and really enjoyed the show.

Our encounters were brief, but as a I am a music fanatic, I was excited about meeting someone whose music I enjoyed. I love to find out about new talents (at least new to me) and I wish I had more pull to help promote all the talented musicians I have met here in NYC. So, I write about them in my blog and hope my readers (ahem, that would be you) will check out their music and support them as I do.

Tam Lin’s most recent EP Begin Again is available now, and includes: The Age of Ignorance, In The Twilight, Anne Lee, and the powerful title track.

Ship of Light is his newest composition. Check it out below:

Here are a few more Tam Lin tunes:

Adam’s Garden

The Queen of Sheba

Soldier Called Uriah


Visit Tam Lin’s Web site for more on this artist: TamLinMusic