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Norah Jones: The Fall

Posted in music by adeli on November 27, 2009

Norah Jones has created yet another thoughtful and solid album. The Fall, her fourth solo album, is her first effort toward creating a pop-rock collection and leading an electric band, while she alternates between playing guitar, piano, and the Wurlitzer electric piano. It is also her breakup album, with the majority of the 13 songs addressing the end of a romance and the start of a new chapter in her life. These reflections come from her real-life breakup with longtime bassist, collaborator, and romantic partner Lee Alexander.

Ms. Jones is also telling us there’s been some kind of shift with the title of the album. The title of the album could mean two things. Is Ms. Jones making reference to the season, when we often start over after a summer break or is she implying something heavier, a fall from grace? The word the might indicate the latter.

Since Ms. Jones captured our hearts seven years ago and was handed armfuls of Grammy awards for her debut, Come Away With Me, she has kept a low non-celebrity profile and gathered up astonishing amounts of sales and fans with that album and the next two, Feels Like Home and Not Too Late. She’s rarely ventured out of this persona, except on side projects, including the country album with the Little Willies and playing live in small joints in New York City with her punk band El Madmo. The charming Ms. Jones is now the ripe old age of thirty, and it doesn’t take long to realize that The Fall is unveiling a more mature and independent woman.

The hypnotic first single Chasing Pirates kicks things off. Even Though follows, also a guitar-heavy tune. I Wouldn’t Need You, Waiting, Young Blood, and Tell Yer Mama are all about lost love. The last is delivered with a righteous southern “you done me wrong” attitude. The closing track Man of the Hour has our heroine choosing her dog over the other males in her life because of his not having any baggage, eating meat, and giving her lots of lovin’. Back to Manhattan, this listener’s favorite tune from the album, laments: “Brooklyn holds you, and it holds my heart too. What a fool I was to think I could live in both worlds.” and “I should go back to Manhattan. It’s just a train ride away. I know nothing ’bout leaving, but I know I should do it today.”

Jones’ first-person voice dominates on The Fall’s and her lyrics are full of questions about the next stage of her life. This album, much like her debut, shows Jones’ vocal strength and her ability to communicate her feelings intimately as if she were sitting and sharing drinks or coffee with you-her confidante-and you alone. Norah Jones has done it again; captured her listeners’ hearts.

Norah Jones and the team behind “The Fall” take us through some of the tracks on her new album.

Three New Album Releases

Posted in music by adeli on November 17, 2009

Today, November 17th, albums were released by three excellent voices in music: Norah Jones (a full review will be posted soon), John Mayer, and Leona Lewis.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll hear on the albums The Fall and Echo.

Chasing Pirates by Norah Jones

Happy by Leona Lewis

Here’s an interview with John Mayer talking about his new album Battle Studies.

Happy 30th Birthday, Norah!

Posted in music by adeli on March 30, 2009

Norah Jones was born on March 30, 1979 in Brooklyn, NY, where she resides now. She was raised in Texas by her mom. Her father is the world-renowned sitar player Ravi Shankar.

The singer-songwriter launched her career with the 2002 debut album Come Away with Me. The adult contemporary/pop/jazz album sold 25 million copies worldwide and received five Grammy Awards, including “Best New Artist.” This is one of my favorite albums; it soothed me through my nights of insomnia, when nothing else did. Thanks, Norah! The following was one of my favorite songs from that album.

These were also from that album:

Turn Me On

Come Away With Me

Cold Cold Heart

Her sophomore album, Feels like Home, was released in 2004. This album had Jones as the main songwriter and had a completely different feel to it. In fact, it was a different band and it was in an entirely different genre – country/blues. Sunrise was from that album. In 2007, she released her third album, Not Too Late. Thinking About You and Sinking Soon are some good tunes from that album

In between these two albums, she recorded The Little Willies, with a band of the same name, her then boyfriend Lee Alexander and some of her buddies put together an country album, which included covers of old country tunes and some new ones of their own composing. Her mentor is Willie Nelson, hence the name of the band.

Here are some songs from that album:

Gotta Get Drunk

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Easy as the Rain

Here’s Norah singing the Elvis classic “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”.

Great Albums of 2007

Posted in music by adeli on December 31, 2007

Here are 10 standout albums for the year. These albums are in no particular order, and they standout for different reasons. Some are solid debuts: Amy Winehouse (U.S. debut) and Lily Allen. And while this wasn’t Mandy Moore’s debut, she took on more creative control of her music and did a great job with Wild Hope.

As I Am – Alicia Keys  No One

Back to Black – Amy Winehouse  Rehab

Italia – Chris Botti  Italia

The Reminder – Feist My Moon My Man

Alright, Still – Lily Allen     Smile

Wild Hope – Mandy Moore      Extraordinary

Not Too Late – Norah Jones   Sinkin’ Soon

In Rainbows – Radiohead

Raising Sand – Robert Plant and Alison Krauss     Polly Come Home     Interview

Icky Thump – The White Stripes         Icky Thump