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Church Bell Blues

Posted in music by adeli on September 10, 2008

Catherine MacLellan’s second album Church Bell Blues is a mix between folk and country music. It’s folk, because of the minimal instrumentation, and country, because it’s quite melancholy and MacLellan’s voice fits nicely in the genre. Her songwriting skills, husky and compelling voice, and guitar talent shine through on this album.

The twelve-song collection begins with “Dreams Dissolve.” The guitar sounds almost purposely out of tune, making this tune dark and sad. “Emily’s Song” is a happier song; MacLellan’s acoustic guitar and James Phillip’s electric guitar make it lively. The title track is bluesy, and a bit more uplifting than its title would suggest. “The Long Way Home” is reminiscent of Emmylou Harris. It has a beautiful melody, male and female voices blending, poetic lyrics and a country twang. “Brave Love” has heavier guitars, and is probably the most fast-paced song on the album. “River Valley Plains” speaks of the environmental problems our earth is facing with powerful lyrics like: One hundred fifty years we’ll throw our garbage, shed our tears into the river that once ran clear through this land. “Brave Love” and “Too Easy” are standout songs on this album.

All the songs on Church Bell Blues are worth a listen. The album is low-key, and will take a couple of plays for the listener to realize how good it is. Catherine MacLellan is a skilled songwriter and vocalist, and Church Bell Blues is a solid album that showcases her talents.

Watch the video for Too Easy, by clicking here.