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Imogen Heap: Eclipse CD Review

Posted in music by adeli on September 1, 2009

Imogen Heap’s third solo album, Ellipse, has arrived. This is her first album since 2005; however, she has stayed in the spotlight since then. Her music has been featured on soundtracks and T.V. shows the last few years. During this time, she has grown as an artist, vocalist, and composer. With her classically trained musical skills and haunting voice, Heap’s music is very evocative.

My first exposure to her music was the song “Hide and Seek,” which appeared in The Last Kiss movie soundtrack. A friend, who let me borrow the CD, said that this song was capable of “changing one’s DNA.” I thought that was a bit of a stretch but I certainly recognized Ms. Heap’s talent, and kept an ear out for her other work.

All the tracks on Eclipse are good even though they do sound somewhat related to one another in sound and structure. But, with further listens, Heap’s talent continues to shine through. The opening track, “First Train Home,” with its celestial backing vocals and catchy chorus: “First train home, I’ve got to get on it,” starts things off on the right note. With its wordplay on “pain” and “play,” “Wait It Out” is one of those soaring ballads Heap is known for. The idealistic “Earth” has Heap’s trademark vocal layerings. She declares: “I’ve tried patience but you always want a war.” Her voice is effective, along with the computer-generated beats. “Little Bird,” “Swoon,” “Canvas,” “Between the Sheets” “Body Double” and “Half Life” are also notable tracks.

Ellipse is melancholic and lovely at the same time. Heap’s song writing is smart and elegant, and her voice is always soothing and pleasant to the ears. Eclipse and Imogen Heap are winners!

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