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Will You Be There

Posted in music by adeli on July 7, 2009

Today, the world said a final goodbye to Michael Jackson. I was able to view the memorial service on the big screen in a movie theatre in New York City. No matter what negative opinions people had of Michael Jackson or how much the media liked to poke fun of him in hurtful ways, it didn’t matter today. I am not defending any of his questionable behaviors, but I first blame Michael’s own father and the gold-digging parents of those kids more than him, the supposed perpetrator. And since there wasn’t enough evidence, I guess we’ll never really know what did or did not happen. But I digress. Celebrating the life of Michael, and not judging, was the purpose of today’s farewell. He sure meant a great deal to a lot of people. That was obvious. He clearly opened the door for and inspired a great many musical artists, and some of them were there to pay their respects by singing for him.

Yes, he was a legend, a marvelous dancer, songwriter, and singer but what became especially clear to everyone today was that he was human. He was also one of those artists whose songs changed with the times. For example, Heal The World and Earth Song addressed his concerns for the current state of our world and our environment.

Those who knew him personally emphasized that he was a real man with feelings, fears, and a good and generous heart, and that he was good friend. And to those who will suffer the loss of Michael the most – his children- he was Daddy. We saw him in different roles – an icon, a pioneer in music and video, but not as someone’s father. It wasn’t until the last 30 seconds of the memorial that it became clear, really clear. His 11-year-old daughter Paris took the microphone and said that her Daddy was the best father you could imagine and that she loved him – so much. It was a defining moment.

One of The Jacksons’s first songs was “I’ll Be There.” And it seems that Michael was “there” for his friends and for his fans throughout his life. Eventually, the man, who apparently was so so gentle and generous to so many people, had to ask a question of the world in a another song “Will You Be There,” where he tells the listener what we were reminded of today. Michael states, “But I’m only human.”

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