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Posted in music by adeli on May 21, 2009

American Idol, or rather America, chose Kris Allen as the winner. And that’s cool. He can play guitar and piano and has that singer-songwriter thing going on. He also deserves credit for showing improvements each week. He is a winner and deserves to be successful.

But, there’s no way he has the voice or the star factor of the runner-up Adam Lambert. Adam’s got the Elvis Presley look circa 1968 and a touch of the Freddie Mercury flamboyance, and when KISS joined him on stage, he held his own. So, I was disappointed with America’s decision, but realized that it was probably best Adam wasn’t chosen. He’s better off working on his own career rather than abiding by the Idol contract restraints. He’s already a star and just needed the exposure that American Idol provides.

Here he is singing Tears For Fears’ Mad World

Adam highlights

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