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Federico Aubele: Amatoria CD Review

Posted in music by adeli on May 19, 2009

Federico Aubele, the Argentinean singer-songwriter and classical guitar payer, is known for blending a variety of genres and styles, including reggae and ambient. On his most recent album Amatoria, he mixes the classic and passionate sounds of the Argentine tango and the Mexican bolero. It is no surprise that Aubele records on the Eighteenth Street Lounge Music label of the master mixers themselves, the Thievery Corporation.

One of Aubele’s inspirations for his third album and its title was the Roman poet Ovid’s Ars Amatoria (The Art of Love), a poem in three books that claims to instruct on matters of the heart. Aubele composed the twelve love songs on Amatoria; sings and plays classical and electric guitars and the electronic beats on all songs; and produced the album.

Luna y Sol (Moon and Sun) and Suena Mi Guitarra (My Guitar Sounds) start things off with a reggae beat. The lyrics are sensual and set the tone of the album. For example, the first song says: En tu boca, el primer beso y todo el amor de tu luna y mi sol (In your mouth, the first kiss, and all the love of your moon and my sun).

To add a sexy female touch to the album, Aubele duets quite nicely with his wife Natalia Clavier, Sabina Sciubba, and Miho Hatori on Este Amor (This Love), Otra Vez (Once More), and Riendo Asi (Laughing Like This) respectively. These compositions standout and add substance to the album.

Even with its electronic aspects, Amatoria has an intimate feel to it. Aubele’s sultry voice and guitar-playing style easily fit into a small club with a dozen people in the audience. Hermosa is a good example of an acoustic performance in this type of setting.

Del Ayer (About Yesterday) and the upbeat Siempre Nuevo (Always New) are this listener’s favorite songs so far, but with more listens of Amatoria that might change.

Federico Aubele is an artist of many talents and proves it on this album. The man, who lived in Buenos Aires, Berlin, Barcelona, now lives in another B locale, Brooklyn, New York, allowing him to better make his mark in America. Whether he continues singing in his native Spanish or tackles English, he’s got a sensual voice that transcends languages and cultures. Amatoria is an outstanding work of art.

Visit Federico Aubele’s MySpace page to hear his music:

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  1. scottishsiren said, on June 4, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Hi there
    Really enjoyed reading your post about Federico Aubele’s album

    I like Luna y Sol and Amatoria the most but there are lots of lovely songs to discover, it took me a little while to warm up to this album as it’s different from his previous two albums
    I found another good review of the album, thought you might appreciate it

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