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Satisfied? Yes!

Posted in music by adeli on February 5, 2008


It’s been about ten years since we’ve heard new material from Taylor Dayne. Ms. Dayne has been busy doing other things – including singing and acting on Broadway and raising twins – and that’s cool, but this listener is glad to hear her do what she does best. With her new album release, Satisfied, Taylor Dayne proves to be at her vocal best. Welcome back, Taylor!

The first single, Beautiful, is a strong opener for Satisfied. It’s got a pumping, pulsating beat and a catchy chorus. The second track, Over My Head is just as catchy; while She Don’t Love You and Dedicated have reggae beats.

The rest of the songs, including the title track, are slower. The strongest of them is My Heart Won’t Change; it definitely has single potential. Crash is a great ballad. The last song, Hymn, is quite powerful and a nice way to close out the album.

Dayne covers three songs from three different genres. The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Under The Bridge gets a soulful rendition. She pours her heart into Des’ree’s love song Kissing You. And her interpretation of the Rolling Stones’ country rock Fool to Cry is a nice surprise.

While another one or two high-energy tunes would be great, all thirteen songs are worth a listen. Surely some remixes of the ones already here would be welcomed at the dance clubs.

Satisfied is a solid comeback album from an artist with great vocal talent. If the title Satisfied is a promise, Taylor Dayne keeps it. The listener will be quite ‘satisfied’ with this listening experience!

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