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The Biggest of 2007

Posted in music by adeli on December 28, 2007

Biggest Pop Star Train Wreck:

Britney! by a landslide.

The baby-popping, head-shaving, pop tart released an aptly-titled and flop of a CD (Blackout), didn’t take rehab seriously, suffered a meltdown, and gave the worst performance of the year – her dazed, sloppy, and poorly lip-synced Video Music Awards fiasco. Let’s hope that 2008 brings some peace and clarity for Britney Spears. She needs it and so do her kids!

Runner-up: Amy Winehouse

At least Winehouse has songwriting skills and talent. She went from being the Next Big Thing to canceling shows and performing sloppily in the ones she did go through with. Now if she can only get rid of her louse of a husband and check in to that place her hit song claims she won’t go…Rehab!

Biggest Concert:

Live Earth on 7.07.07

1 day, 150 acts, 12 locations, 1 great cause.

This was Al Gore’s attempt to bring the crisis of global warming to the attention of the world’s youth through music. It was a great reason to bring musicians, actors, and activists together, and to raise funds. It was probably this event that garnered the former VP the Nobel Peace Prize for all his efforts to save our planet. Thank you, Al!

The Police

Posted in music by adeli on December 28, 2007

Best Reunion Tour:

The Police, hands down!

Van Halen, Genesis, and The Eagles were among the bands who reunited and went on the road this year. But, The Police were the clear winners.

The Police rocked and ruled the concert box office in 2007 harder than the rest. People excitedly paid a lot of moola to see the trio, making it the top-selling, top-grossing ($243 Million!) concert tour of the year. The Police hadn’t played together in more than two decades, and even though they didn’t play nice when they were together, Sting, Andy and Stewart proved they can still rock the stadiums and arenas as they did in the 80s.