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Posted in music by adeli on December 7, 2007

James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England, and was the bass player for the Beatles. He founded the group with John Lennon, forming the most successful songwriting partnership in musical history.

The Beatles were among the few artists that were the best at what they did as well as the most popular. The group was imaginative and experimental and fascinated the world. Their reign as rock icons remains unequaled to this day, decades after their 1970 breakup.

They were a self-contained rock band in that the group, headed by Lennon and McCartney, wrote and performed its own material. As composers, their craft and melodic inventiveness were key to the evolution of rock. As singers, McCartney and Lennon were among the best vocalists in rock. Their harmonies were intricate and the arrangements were multi-layered. As a group, John, Paul, George, and Ringo were refreshing. friendly, and photogenic.

It could have been a clash of the founders’ egos that caused the breakup. And perhaps the creativity of all the members needed to go in different directions, as their solo work does vary in style. Or maybe their popularity, talent, and egos were too great, that combustion was unavoidable. The Yoko Ono intrusion is very likely as well. But, it seems that George Harrison said it best: “All things must pass.”

Paul McCartney released his first solo album, McCartney, just two week before the release of Let It Be. It was followed by his public announcement that the Beatles were going their separate ways. McCartney formed the band Wings his late wife, Linda Eastman McCartney soon after the Beatles’ breakup. From the time he ventured on his very successful solo career to releasing his 34th album Memory Almost Full in 2007, he has proven to be music’s greatest songwriter. He manages to create compositions that could easily be two or three songs in one; Band on the Run and Live and Let Die are prime examples. His presence has been constant for nearly five decades.

He’s worked on film scores, classical music, and electronic music. He paints and writes poetry. He has taken on many charitable projects and causes. McCartney holds the record as the most successful musician and composer in music history. He was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1965, and became Sir Paul McCartney in 1997.

His standout solo albums include Band On The Run, Wings At The Speed Of Sound, Venus And Mars, Tug Of War, and Flowers in The Dirt.

To this day, Silly Love Songs from Wings At The Speed Of Sound is one of my favorite songs. And here it is: Silly Love Songs.

Click on the songs below for their videos:

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